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WMF 1300 S


RELIABLE COFFEE QUALITY,BLENDING ROBUSTNESS AND EASY SERVICE. Innovative, compact and robust,the WMF 1300 S With its innovative features, the WMF 1300 S fully automatic coffee maker complements the WMF family of premium coffee machines. The machine is characterized by reliability, robustness and powerful performance and is versatile with a recommended average output of 120 cups...

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Innovative, compact and robust,
the WMF 1300 S

With its innovative features, the WMF 1300 S fully automatic coffee maker complements the WMF family of premium coffee machines. The machine is characterized by reliability, robustness and powerful performance and is versatile with a recommended average output of 120 cups per day. Above all, it is remarkably simple to use and maintain.

Coffee excellence has a name

The WMF 1300 S features high performance, compact dimensions and user-friendly operation. This perfection down to the smallest detail is the result of years of experience, quality awareness and passion for exquisite coffee enjoyment.
Its concept promises reliable service over a long product lifetime, thanks in part to simple maintenance and care.


Its recommended average requirement of 120 cups per day makes the WMF 1300 S the perfect machine for a wide range of applications in small to medium-sized businesses in the catering industry, commercial and professional coffee business, as well as wherever value is placed on a compact and easy-to-operate coffee machine. It delivers great performance at peak times, and in quieter moments its energy-saving mode protects the environment and your budget.

Coffee grinders: The quiet heroes in the background

Thanks to two decoupled coffee grinders the grinding process is so quiet that the WMF 1300 S can also be placed in offices or conference rooms. The machine can process different types of beans as the grinding degree can be adjusted manually to receive an ideal extraction of the chosen beans.
The brewer made of durable high-tech polymer with a 15g capacity guarantees long life and full power in terms of coffee preparation and is easily removable for cleaning and maintenance.

WMF 1300 S: A harmonious total work of art

The machine concept aims at a long-lasting, well-balanced cooperation: The high-quality components are optimally attuned to each other and work together perfectly. Robust and reliable, each component makes its contribution to the long-lasting use of the WMF 1300 S.

Absolute perfection for pure enjoyment


Top performance from morning to night

Whether it's a strong espresso to wake up, a mild afternoon cappuccino or hot chocolate in the evening: The WMF 1300 S accompanies connoisseurs throughout the day. Navigating the 7-inch touch display is intuitive and user-friendly, both for staff and self-service: every user can run the cleaning and maintenance programmes or set recipes, images and colour concepts.

A milk system for diversity and variety

Create a wide range of drinks in no time at all, tailored to the personal preferences of the user: cappuccino and latte macchiato with perfect milk foam, hot milk coffee and chocolate with hot milk.
Cleaning and replacing the Choc Mixer is child's play thanks to the magnetic lock and sensor.

More hoppers, more possibilities

The WMF 1300 S comes with up to three hoppers - two for different types of coffee beans, and one for milk or chocolate powder. An additional manual insert for ground coffee enables you to prepare new coffee types or decaffeinated coffee in portions. All hoppers are removable, easy to clean and lockable if desired.

The WMF 1300 S operational expert? You!


First class service entirely to your taste

Whether service personnel or office staff: WMF 1300 S shines with its maximum user-friendliness. The pre-selection toolbar on the display allows individualisation of the selection - the fill level of the beverages can be adjusted as desired, as well as the cup size, strength of the beverage or language selection. In addition, service personnel have easy access to specific additional functions at any time, via which the display can also be configured as advertising space.

Clean at the push of a button

This could hardly be simpler or quicker: the automatic cleaning process starts every evening after briefly pressing the power-off button. After 250 brewings, or at the latest after 7 days, a complete system cleaning takes place. All you need to do is connect the Plug&Clean adapter and insert a cleaning tablet. Once a week the milk foamer is removed with just a flick of the wrist and inserted into the WMF milk system cleaner.

True greatness is not a big deal

The WMF 1300 S lets its performance speak for itself. With its slim dimensions of 32.5 cm x 67 cm x 57.4 cm it can be installed even in space-critical environments and fits perfectly in small to medium-sized bakeries, offices, fast food restaurants, convenience stores, self-service shops and restaurants.

Quality “Made in Germany”


Suited to your coffee cups’ highs and lows

Whether it's a tiny espresso cup, small pot, standard cup or tall glass: the adjustable central spout fills cups from a height of between 60 and 169 mm.
For hot water, the height of the adjustable central spout combined with the Basic Steam is 107.5 mm - no splashes, no cup Tetris, just a slight movement by hand.

Pure, undiminished coffee enjoyment

What's more, the Cup Stop ensures perfect filling and a clean environment by marking the correct position for all the cups being used. It can also be moved manually and thus adapted to individual cups. So the coffee stays where it should be: In the glasses, jugs and cups.

Temperature: The cup warmer makes the difference

The WMF 1300 S not only serves a beverage at the perfect temperature but extends the drinking pleasure within seconds: thanks to the preheated cup. The SteamJet warms the cup with hot steam. Simply place it on the cup warmer and activate the SteamJet, wait a short time and enjoy a perfectly tempered drink.

Additional team performance


Find your perfect combination

Set the stage for WMF accessories! Select suitable products which harmoniously complement your WMF 1300 S both technically and optically: milk cooler, cup rack, mobile coffee station - each device is tailored to the respective coffee machine in design and performance.

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